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Being Stylish Should Be Comfortable Too

Shopping for women’s clothes can be a hassle, particularly when clothing stores only provide uncomfortable clothes that don’t fit your body type. That’s why 9Lilas Boutique at West Branch is committed to making stylish, comfortable clothes for everyone. If you need comfortable women’s clothing, then come to 9Lilas Boutique.

It feels like dressing nice and being comfortable has endless numbers of hoops. Not only do you have to find clothes that look good, but you have to compromise between style and comfort. Most stores make you choose one over the other, usually style, and that’s not even considering clothing that is comfortable for plus-sized women. If you have a body shape that isn’t on the runway at every fashion show, then we know the pain of finding clothes that are stylish for women with other beautiful builds. However, we know that going that extra mile is worth it, which is why 9Lilas Boutique is committed to making stylish clothes that are comfortable for women of all sizes.

Why You Should Dress With Style

  • How you dress determines how people see you. There are no two ways about it. If two people gave the same presentation where one was where a graphic tee and the other was in a suit, you’d trust the one in the suit first. The same is true about you. People take you seriously when you look put together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be comfortable too.
  • Dressing Up Shows You Care About Yourself. If you take the time to dress yourself up, it shows you have the confidence and self-respect to not only take care of yourself, but also to like yourself. And we like to be around people who like themselves at least a little. 9Lilas Boutique knows that being confident in your body when you’re plus-sized is hard, which is why finding clothes that look good on you will give you an amazing confidence boost.

  • Humans are flawed. 9Lilas Boutique understands that, while it’s superficial, a first impression can make or break an interaction. It’s human nature but it’s not just first appearances. Looking good improves your self-confidence and the confidence of others who are also dressing up. We read into body language naturally, and when someone is feeling confident about themselves from the way they’re dressed, that’s when we pick up on that behavior and gravitate their way.
  • If you look good and you know it, then you are going to be radiating self confidence. When you talk about something, you become an expert on it. And better yet, you look like one. Watch as people turn to listen longer and more attentively with the confidence of a professional wearing a nice blouse and dress pants.
  • Clothing helps with self-confidence. And you may be wondering how? It’s just a piece of clothing. But when you make an effort to make yourself look stylish, you’re presenting that confidence. Sooner or later, if you keep telling yourself it’s true, it will be. That’s the same with dressing up. If you like what you wear, you feel happier about yourself, and then you wear that mood on the outside too.
  • When you find your style, you can express your personality in a whole new way. Sure, you can wear a comfy sweatshirt, but unless it has a sports team on it, no one can tell anything about you, there’s no piece about your personality or interests expressed. Representing your style with what you wear and make yourself more approachable by saying something about who you are.
  • If you’re looking for a partner, then dressing up makes yourself more attractive to others who might be interested. Catching the eye of someone you’re interested in can also give you the boost of getting a compliment you weren’t expecting. Further, women who dress up over dressing down do better at work and are more likely to get noticed for their extra effort. No matter who you are, when you dress up to reflect who you are, you put out that personality into the world as an extension through your clothes.
  • Dressing up feels good. It helps you feel comfortable in your own skin because you’re wearing something that you like and looks good on you. And when you feel good, you are in a more positive mood, which in turn makes you more approachable.


We remember people who dress well easier; they capture our attention faster because of their style. They stand out to us as powerful individuals and capture our attention because they have an appearance that becomes easily recallable. They develop a style that makes them incredibly recognizable, giving us a face to a name. We remember Amelia Bloomer for designing pants for women, Audrey Hepburn for being a role model in the acting industry, Princess Diana for her work to make the world a better place, and Rihanna for defining such a large portion of modern pop culture. These women exuded confidence and it made, or makes them powerful for it. How they presented themselves only adds the accessibility we have to recognize them because it’s not just a name, it’s an image. When you present yourself in a way that exudes confidence, then, in turn, it helps others identify your actions with your person.

How 9Lilas Boutique Can Help

If you’re looking for plus sized women’s clothing in West Branch, then come visit us at 9Lilas Boutique. We offer a huge selection of stylish and comfortable clothing, helping you dress for success, and feel better about yourself in the process, whether you’re a working mom or starting at a new job. Clothes make a statement about who you are and how you take care of yourself When you dress the part like Audrey Hepburn, people take notice and new doors open. Stylish women’s clothing will improve your confidence and attitude, setting you on a path to self-improvement through newfound confidence.

If you’re looking for the best in stylish, comfortable women’s clothing that helps you build your confidence and draw the attention you want to see in your life, then visit us today. All women deserve to feel good about themselves, regardless of their body type. Visit our women’s clothes shop in West Branch, and give yourself a boost to your confidence today!