Comment Sold

Registration Steps

2. Click on LOG IN with FaceBook or Instagram.
3. If commenting from a Group, click OK when asked to allow Authored Posts and Comments.
4. Confirm Email address and Enable Messenger (little box).
5. On Account, Click GETTING STARTED (on the left in blue).

How to Comment & Purchase


  • The word “SOLD” is the key word in every comment. It MUST be included for the system to properly invoice.
  • Size and color (if applicable) must also be included in your comment.
  • Each variant must be spelled correctly and as exactly listed as it appears on the screen. If there are any words/variants missing or if something is misspelled, you will have to leave an entirely new comment to claim item.
  • If you want two of the same item, you must leave a comment for each item. 1 comment= 1 item.


  • You will access our comment sold link in our post to view/pay all invoices.
  • You can comment and add as many items as you’d like to your cart during and after the live.
  • There is a 2 hour limit for items to remain in your cart. After that 2 hour time frame is up, those items will be pulled from your cart automatically and added to the next person in lines cart. It is important to pay your invoices within those 2 hours to ensure you get the items/sizes you want!
  • Even if you think your size sells out, still comment and you will be notified that you are put on a ‘waitlist’ for that item. If a cart expires and you are the next in line, you will be notified that the item has been added to your cart and you have the 2 hour time frame to pay.


  • If you need to return an item that does not work, the same guidelines apply as other orders. The customer is responsible for either 1. bringing the product back into the store for the return or 2. shipping the item/s back to our store @ 733 Franklin St. Pella, IA 50219
  • If you love your purchase, but just need to exchange for a different size (if available). The customer is responsible for bringing in the item in store and making that exchange or is required to ship the item/s back to our store. If the customer chooses to ship back and wants the exchanged size shipped out again, the customer will be responsible for the additional shipping costs. This is due to us initially shipping out free and on top of that getting a great deal through comment sold lives. You will still be getting a better price with paying the shipping + item/s than you would be buying the product at full price once that item/s 'comment sold price' expires.