Layering! Not talking about the layering you do when you bundle up for a football game..

We’re Talking about Fashion Layering! 

I put together a few outfits to show you what kind of pieces we have to layer! 


1- This one you probably saw already on our Facebook page, Tiffany put this outfit together and i tried it on! 

Top Jacket Jeans


2- These 2 are the same, just a different piece under the sweater

I paired the first one with jeans, and the second one with leggings

PlaidSweater Denim

3- I couldn’t decide which scarf i loved more with this outfit, so i’ll just throw both of them in!

A Denim Top, with our Amazingly Soft Cardigan, Our Leggings and a Scarf!

Beige And White  Which one is your favorite??

4- We’ve got The Splattered Print Top, with Our Jacket with removable sleeves to turn into a leather vest! 

Paired with some Army Green Jeans!


Thanks for reading! hope you enjoyed these outfits! come in to try the on yourself soon!