I tried on 2 outfits i thought i'd never wear.. And this is what i found out...

I went into the store and decided to try on 2 outfits i thought i'd never wear, outfits i didn't think i would feel "Confident" in and this is what i discovered..

Outfit #1

First Thoughts: Okay, when i saw this top for the first time, i knew it was something i'd never pull off. So when i walked in and decided to try on some outfits, I thought of this top and grabbed it. Paired it with something easy, some leggings and i grabbed a necklace i've never worn before. 

How i feel now: First of all, this Top is seriously so soft and so comfortable. I was so surprised when i saw it on, i loved it! If i had more time, i would have also paired it with some light colored jeans! We also have this top in grey! Get this top Here -----> Off-Shoulder Sweatshirt 

These Leggings are my favorite leggings I've ever tried on! Perfect fit, High waisted and sooooo comfortable! Pairs well with pretty much anything! (Also Available in Grey and Navy! CLICK HERE ----> WE GO High Leggings 

This Necklace is seriously my new favorite! (After Tiffany showed me how to wear it... LOL) I fell in love! Click here for a closer look ----> Choker Bead-Suede Necklace 

So Overall, i Absolutely would wear this outfit. And maybe with some converse for my shoes :) Perfect for that fall weather that isn't too cold! 

Next Outfit! #2

First Thoughts- I really never was much of a dress girl, i wore dresses when i was pregnant because it was more comfortable, but besides that, i didn't like dresses too much. I grabbed this one because of how interesting i thought i was, its a Sweater Dress with Eyelet Shoulder Details (High neck). I felt very good in it! Loved how soft and warm it was, and would definitely wear this again! It would be perfect with some leg warmers, a hot coffee or cider, and a good book (or netflix) on one of these cold rainy days! But also perfect for really any occasion! (Like a Outdoor Fall Wedding!) Get this dress with the link here ------> Black Sweater Dress/Tunic 

This Scarf is just perfect, super soft, SO SO PRETTY and you could wear it several different ways! (Next week i will show you several different ways to wear our scarfs) Act now because we are already sold out of our Grey one! ----> Chunky Plaid Blanket Scarf 

Again, Very Surprised with how much i loved this outfit! Comment on Facebook what shoes you would pair with this! 

What did i found out?

Even though these are super simple outfits, i didn't think i'd enjoy myself in them. I Was definitely wrong! I loved these outfits! I felt confident and comfortable in both of them! The Pink Crop top was probably my favorite, and that was one i would probably never have worn if i didn't get the courage to try it on! Definitely an outfit i am going to purchase very soon! I didn't go out of my comfort zone TOO much, there are still things that i don't think i'd ever wear, but i won't truly know until i try them, so i might be back with some more! 

Never be afraid of trying things that scare you, especially clothes! Stop in ANY time if you're in town and just try on a few things that scare you! You might be surprised how wrong you were :)