Accessorizing for Fall and Winter

Fall and Winter is ALL about accessorizing with hats, gloves, and scarfs. We all still want to look fashionable even if we may feel like a marshmallow walking around with all our layers to stay warm!

These are a few of my favorite cold weather pieces.

This headband ($37) and mittens ($42) are in a blush pink color that harmonizes beautifully with this olive hoodie bomber jacket. Both pieces are made in Nepal from 100% Merino Wool and lined with a soft plush fleece. The bomber jacket ($36) is super chic and cozy with the double zipper and hoodie detail.

This neck warmer ($49) pairs perfectly with this hoodless camo jacket. These hand warmers ($34) are great for functionality and style. Both pieces are made in Nepal from 100% Merino Wool and lined with a soft plush fleece. I love the fur texture of this camo jacket ($96) and how comfortably trendy it is!

It might be cold but you will be hot and fashionable in these cozy chic looks! There are so many other trendy options of hats, hand warmers, scarfs, and jackets...You will not regret stopping in to check them out! These would also make for great Christmas gifts! 


Here is a fun extra for you on how to braid a chunkier scarf. 

The scarf you choose should be rectangular or oblong for the best results. We have about 5 different variations of plaid colors to choose from and a few oblong scarfs to choose from!

 1.Start by draping scarf around neck. Loop the ends and tie a knot at about bust level, enough length to be able to braid

2.Take scarf off and hold with knot up to ceiling

3.Start braiding with the three strands of scarf (two loose ends and the loop)

Leaving a little extra slack, tie off the loose ends

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